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10 Reasons to invest in silver

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Silver is the most abundant, easily mined and the least expensive among precious metals like: gold, palladium, platinum etc. It has a melting point of 1763.30f, after gold it is the second most important metal having multifarious usages like: jewelry, currency, table ware, antibiotics and many other uses. Among other metals silver has the highest thermal and electric transmission, after diamond and helium. The use of silver has been on for more than 4000 years, but it wasn’t till 1974 that the usage as a legal tender was dropped therefore leading to a grand switch to adoption as industrial applications like: jewelry, bullions coins, and ETF (exchange traded funds). Aside from the discontinued use as a legal tender, silver still have many other uses constituting reasons to invest in silver.

Why silver?

In the last 15 years the price of silver have been in a constant shift upwards as against the earlier drop from $1.29/oz, to $.64/oz in 1840 to 1900 respectively. In November 2010 the price of silver rose to an all time high of $29.82/oz, as against the $1379/oz price of gold. From the above price trends it is clear that silver is indeed very valuable. Despite the fluctuating tendencies in price, people still prefer to invest in silver and the reason is mostly due to the fact that silver like all other precious minerals is valued due to its attractiveness, and comparative scarcity in the earth crust, and excellent features. Silver, aside from being a major indicator of wealth, has a mysterious glare that draws onlookers into its mischievous luster. Looking for interesting opportunities? Invest in silver, below are 10 reasons to invest in silver.

Reasons to invest in silver

  1. It is one of the primary metals traded in the metal commodity market.
  2. Silver will make a wonderful investment portfolio. Producing a mix of silver with another metals like gold and major stocks will ensure a formidable and insolvent resilient investment thus providing balance in the face of a fluctuating economy
  3. Silver, like other precious metals, provide an edge over the declining United State’s dollar purchasing power, for example, the downward decline in the dollar since 1971.
  4. Precious metals like silver guarantees asset location, this is why professionals have advised that investors should have an investment portfolio consisting of 15% investment in precious metals.
  5. Possessing silver bullion is easy and expedient
  6. Due to the multifarious uses of silver and significant adaptive features, silver has its demand rooted in diverse sectors like: jewelry, medicine, superconductivity, electronics, water purification, and coinage providing ample opportunity and flexibility.
  7. IRA benefits. Individual retirement account holders are at liberty of creating investment portfolio in IRA’s, as long as its quality is the same or above 99.9% silver
  8. It is cheap and valuable at the same time. Talk of double values for money.
  9. Constant value. Judging from the stable price trend of silver above, it is obvious that investing in silver will create a significant return on investment. For instance for over 15year the price of silver has been increasing; what a dependable figure!
  10. Never in the history of precious minerals has there been a record of irrevocable market depreciation as compared to stock markets; over 15 years of huge increase in silver, it is a formidable example to hold on to.

Investing in silver is the right way to maintaining solvency and preventing liquidation.

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